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Melissa Addams

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Do you use Vegan inks?
Yes! All the products I use are vegan.


What is your minimum/hourly?
I charge by the piece, I have no minimum or hourly. The price of the piece will vary based on the size, placement, color, details, and use of colors.


How do I make an appointment with you?

Simply email or fill out the contact form on the home page.
Please include details!


Do you travel?

Yes, but not often. It is always best to write me and inquire


Do you use numbing/anesthetic creams?

At times when they are available, yes! I always have Bactine on hand also. Just keep in mind for any numbing cream, it must be applied 30-60 min before the tattoo.


What is the minimum age for a tattoo?

18 years is the minimum age in North Carolina.