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Hello! My name is Melissa, I am a tattoo artist based in Wilmington, NC.

I began my body art career at the age of 15 when I started my journey into henna body art. My passion transformed in the following years and brought me to teach at conferences in Hungary, Cuba, California, and Atlanta. In 2018 I began tattooing professionally at Equilattera in Miami where I learned under Gerardo “Waz” among many others who guest spotted there (all of you really are incredible and im so thankful for the advice you shared with me).

Besides tattooing and henna, I enjoy reading, traveling, sewing and painting.

My designs are inspired by Mehndi (henna), nature, celestial, esoteric, and astrological elements. I enjoy line-focused, ornamental designs, or really any with a deep meaning.

I hope to tattoo you soon!